FSEconomy Terms of Service

"FSEconomy" and/or "FSE" refers to all services, accounts, and interactive areas offered by the FSEconomy system including, but not limited to, the FSE Game World account, FSE Communities account, FSE TeamSpeak account, FSE client application software programs, and 3rd party services such as social media sites.  By logging on to, or using, any of the aforementioned servers, services, or software, you agree to the following terms, conditions, and standards of behavior.


Etiquette and Rules of Fair Play - or - The "Spirit of FSE".  
The "Spirit of FSE" is to fly your Flight Simulator while interfaced with the FSE Game Server, accept and create income-generating assignments, and to creatively interact with fellow simulator pilots within an economical environment. The guiding principle and intent of all FSE rules expressed here is to uphold the Spirit of FSE.  While many of the rules contained within the Terms of Service are enforced through automated procedural methods (i.e. the "game code"), there are several other aspects of the rules that rely on member integrity. This is because FSE is a very open-ended system designed to allow simulation pilots the ability to fly the way they want to fly and use the FSE framework for various business methods.  Violations of these rules, especially the "integrity rules" will be handled on a case-by-case basis, and procedures for how FSEconomy staff members will handle these cases are outlined below. Please don't abuse the FSE system and this service will remain a valuable add-on to the Flight Simulator community for years to come.

The intent of these rules is to maintain a fun and enjoyable environment.  FSEconomy is dedicated to providing a friendly and family-safe atmosphere.  Not all possible actions by FSE members can be anticipated.  The FSE Staff reserves the right to interpret any action by any member, using the FSE services or not, as not meeting this intent and take actions to rectify it.  In general, don't cheat or intentionally defraud money from other players or "the system"; do not gain money you're not entitled to; and, if you don't like a person, do not interact with that person.  The old adage of "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all", goes a long way in an online community.


General rules

  1. FSE is free of charge; however, it is a privately held service. As such, FSE makes no warranty or guarantee of service. FSE reserves the right to terminate or sanction the account of any individual for any reason. Sanctions may include but are not limited to the revocation, in whole or in part, against any FSE assets, or restrictions on flight or system access.
  2. The FSE System uses multiple account databases to provide services (The FSE Game World, the FSE Communities, the FSE TeamSpeak Server, etc.).  FSE users are limited to a single account on each database, with the same account name used on each.  Do not attempt to setup second, or multiple, accounts in an effort to "start over", to gain more flying time, to impersonate someone you're not, or for any other reason.
  3. A valid email address must be provided and maintained at all times. Communications between users can take place through most of the FSE services. Some of these services provide the capability to send communications over email, through online "private messages", through real-time voice or text-chat methods, or through public discussion forums.  Communications between users are meant to make arrangement for group flights, make business transactions, discuss flight group operations, or engage with other members of the online community in a friendly and respectful manner. Harassing or abusive discussion through any of the FSE-provided services is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  4. Any earnings or assets within the FSEconomy system are purely virtual and are the sole property of FSE. There is no real-world value to them and they may be terminated, revoked, or altered at any time and at the sole discretion of FSE. Virtual assets within FSE, to include aircraft, FBOs, commodities, or virtual currency may not be sold, purchased, or traded for real currency, physical items, or digital items not directly related to FSE Game Play. 3rd Party Applications that access or use FSE data may not charge real currency for us of the application; charging virtual, in-game, FSE currency is acceptable. 
  5. You are responsible for any misuse under any of your accounts, even if the inappropriate activity was committed by a friend, family member, guest, employee or customer with access to your computer. Therefore, you must take steps to ensure that others do not gain access to your account credentials on any of the FSE services.


Prohibited activities.  The following activities are expresly forbidden on all FSE systems and services:

  1. The use of FSEconomy systems for any activity that violates any local, provincial, state, national, or international law, order or regulation.
  2. Posting, linking to, or disseminating material which is unlawful (such as child pornography or obscene material).
  3. Posting, linking to, or disseminating material which may be offensive to some individuals, or inappropriate to minors, including but not limited to racial or sexual remarks or material.
  4. Posting or discussing topics that are divisive; including, but not limited to, political and religious discussions.
  5. Disseminating material that violates the copyright or other intellectual property rights of others. You assume all risks regarding the determination of whether material is in the public domain.
  6. Discussing the techniques or practices involved with using, sharing, or disseminating material that violates the copyright, licensing, or other intellectual property rights of others.
  7. Pyramid or other illegal soliciting schemes.
  8. Any fraudulent activities, including impersonating any person or entity or forging anyone else's digital or manual signature.
  9. Illegal Activity - You are not allowed to break the law here. This is not a software pirating community - do not inquire about or offer any.



 FSE Game World Rules:

  1. You will not use features within the Flight Simulator program to circumvent the controls within the FSE system. This includes, but is not limited to: moving an aircraft from one location to another without actually flying the plane; adding fuel to your aircraft through the simulator's fuel level control screens; not consuming the proper amount of fuel during a flight; altering the elapsed time of the flight.
  2. The use of "time compression" up to 16x speed is an accepted method of flying due to the constraints of real life. However, it must be taken into consideration that there are some pilots who choose not to use time compression. This has the potential to create unfair advantages for those who use compression to complete a dozen or more flights in one sitting whereas the non-compression users are only able to complete 1 or 2 flights. To balance this ratio, and "level the playing field" for those with less real time on their hands to devote to simming, all FSE pilots are limited to no more than 30 hours of "simulated flying time" in any given 48-hour period, enforced on a "rolling clock".
  3. All pilots, their aircraft, and general logbook statistics will be listed for public review.
  4. All Flight Groups, their members to include owners and staff, their aircraft and general group logbook statistics will be listed for public review.
  5. Players may not create groups for the purpose of laundering money or to falsely create wealth for themselves or other members.
  6. "Flight Groups" may not carry a negative money balance (combined totals of "Cash Balance" and "Bank Balance"). It does occasionally happen that one of the two balance amounts might go negative for one reason or another, but Flight Group owners must then move money from one account to the other to bring both accounts into the positive (a $0 balance is acceptable).


FSE Communities Rules (includes the Forums, TeamSpeak, Discord, Social Media, and any other user-to-user interaction platform):

The FSE Staff, moderators, and members of the FSE Communities wish this to be an interactive community where members can post suggestions, opinions, disagreements, and any other type of narrative without being ridiculed, harrassed, or personally attacked.  You will find this to be a friendly, helpful community that welcomes members of all ages 13 or above. In order to maintain this community of cooperation, friendliness, and respect, the following rules will be enforced for all player-to-player interactions.

  1. No Discrimination, - You may not insult members based on their religion, race, ethnicity, sex, beliefs, or sexual orientation. This is worse than flaming, because it also hurts other members of the community who fall into the catagory you insult. This community is a place where everyone is equal, and discrimination will NOT be tolerated!
  2. Do not post political or religious messages of any kind. This includes any comments that can be construed as political or religious. These are two subjects that polarize a community more than any other.
  3. No Bullying - Do not pick on other members. The worst kind of bullying is where new members are picked on. This hurts the member as well as the community.
  4. No Flaming - Flaming harms the nice atmosphere of this community. It also causes thread's to go off topic, and most importantly, it hurts the person being flamed. The victim may defend themselves against any accusations made to them, but may not make any additional accusations to the flamer (which also counts as flaming).
  5. No Profanity or Obscene Content - Such content does not belong in our community.
  6. Harrassing the staff is not allowed. The staff are only trying to do their job, and many times they have to make difficult decisions. You may post your opinion in the thread in question, so long as you do not flame anyone. If this thread gets out of hand, it will be closed, and you may not complain elsewhere on the board, or by other means including, but not limited to: private messages, instant messaging programs, email, telephone calls, and house visits.

The following forum ettiquette rules are also enforced:

  1. Signature images should take up no more than a 600px-wide X 150px-high area of the screen.  If you use multiple images, the entire cummulation of "screen real estate" must not exceed 600x150.  "Rotating" banners that use animated GIF technology is fine.
  2. The entire contents of a signature area, including text and images, should be kept "reasonable".  2-3 lines is considered appropriate.  There are no hard-and-fast rules until "reasonable and prudent" starts to become unreasonable.
  3. No Double-posting,cross-posting, or spamming - pick the appropriate forum for your question or post. Do not post the same content in more than one forum.
  4. One bump per 24 Hours. Do not bump your post more than once per 24 hours.  Others posting to your topic in an obvious attempt to "assist" the topic back to the top will result in the topic being deleted.
  5. Use appropriate quoting.  Do not quote entire posts - only quote the relevant part that you are repying to.  If you are replying to an entire post, it's already there and there is no need to quote it.  Do not include images and videos inside your quotes.
  6. Do not post personal info - particularly email addresses. This information can be picked up by search bots and becomes accessible to the Internet in general.
  7. When conversation between players becomes intense and no longer involves the rest of the community, that conversation must be taken to alternate methods such as Private Message.  All Terms of Service apply to any FSE-related communication on, or off, the FSE-provided services.
  8. Do not post comments about prices on items for sale or services being offered. If you think a price is too high, move on or wait for the next item. Derogatory comments about someone's specific asking-price is the same thing as bullying. General comments about prices that are "too high" or "too low" just stir up controversy. Counter-offers conducted "in good faith" as part of a negotiation are fine, provided the seller did not specifically ask not to.



Disciplinary board procedures:

  1. Evidence of cheating, trickery or wrongdoing may come to the attention of the FSE Board of Directors through evidence automatically identified within the FSE database by automated tools, through observations by FSE Staff members, or by players who have brought wrongdoing to the Staff's attention. Posting evidence or accusations on the FSE forum shall not be used to identify wrongdoing and such posts will be removed and the poster warned for violation of the rules listed above.
  2. The Board of Directors will appoint an investigating official to look into allegations. This official will work with all parties involved to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved between the parties, then the Board of Directors will convene and make a determination and final decision. Any Board member with a conflict of interest in the dispute will not participate in either the investigation or any decision making process.
  3. The decision to take punitive action against a player requires a 75% vote by the Board of directors. Punitive actions may include reclaiming money or assets gained through the player's actions or temporary account disabling.
  4. The decision to terminate a player's account requires approval by 100% of the Board members.
  5. The remedies recommended by the Board should err in the favor of education. First offenses should be handled through an education process where the parties involved will be shown why their actions violated the rules of fair play to ensure they understand what happened and prevent it from happening again. Repeat offenders will be issued stiffer penelties and those users who don't want to follow the rules will be banned from game play.

Breaking rules results in one of three types of sanctions:

  1. Warning - A private warning will be sent to you. The first warning will be of an educational nature, and it may be the only warning you receive.
  2. Temporary Ban - This is where you are not able to use one or more parts of the FSE system for a certain period of time. A temporary ban requires 75% of the Board of Directors to vote in favor of the action.
  3. Permanent Ban - You can never again use one, some, or all parts of the FSE system. A permanent ban requires a unanimous vote in favor of the action from the Board of Directors.

There are no excuses for breaking the rules. It doesn't matter if you were angry at the time and weren't thinking straight. It doesn't matter if you were only kidding around. If you break a rule, it does the same damage, regardless of your reasons for breaking it, and you will be disciplined all the same.